Rivers of Life Missions

Updates from the Field

How We Started Going to Madagascar

The Kingdom Vision

We believe the Lord has called us back to Madagascar for specific purposes. This trip will be the 4th mission to Madagascar sponsored by Rivers of Life. We arrive at 11 PM on March 5th and we depart Madagascar at 1:30 AM on March 13th. Please pray with us, and consider any way the Lord would use you in this Madagascar Kingdom work.

Here is our understanding of why Rivers of Life has sent Kathie and me to go at this time:

Touch Base with Rivers' Field Director

Many of you haveheard about Dr. Harison and his wonderful wife Domoina. For several years now, Domoina has been the director of Rivers of Life work in Madagascar. She handles all need requests and coordinates all receiving and distribution of funds sent by Rivers of Life-US.

We want to talk and pray with her about grant/aid programs that could be applied for by Rivers of Life. Domoina would be responsible for executing the plans as proposed with teams arranged by Domoina in Madagascar


Hospital Poor Fund

Many Poor People have been helped with the small amounts of money needed to pay for care at the hospital. The gospel is shared with those receiving money and many have come to the Lord as His love is demonstrated in this real way.


Hospital Needs

Rivers of Life has assisted many ways in the past: bringing medical supplies, funding equipment purchases, painting, repairing walls and floors, and bringing a team to the hospital to build and install screens in the main hospital building. The skills and tools used in this project were passed on to hospital staff and are being used to this day!


Laundry / Washing Machine

A Maytag wringer washer is now washing the clothes that had been washed by hand since 2003 when a hurricane toppled a tree crushing an outdated laundry facility. This washer can wash a load of clothes every 15 minutes and may be able to keep up with the hospital needs.

We want to see how this is working and what more may be required (there are no spare parts for this washer and no backup plan should a breakdown occur.


Medical Supplies

We will be bringing medical supplies requested by Dr. Harison


Pastor Alain

We want to connect with Pastor Alain. We want to Pray with him and see what he and the church are doing in Ambohibary


Nurse Station

We want talk through and come to an understanding on how things will proceed to completion. We want to hear and pray about the expectations of Pastor Alain as he commits to daily needs presented by the presence of the nurse station in his church yard. We want to clarify and confirm the part Dr.Harison and Andranamadio Hospital will play in the daily operation of the nurse station. And we want to hear the District President's expectations for this project and other nurse stations to follow. We want to clarify the steps, time frame, and funding needed to complete the project and upon completion, how will it run, . . . what it will need etc.

Funds Needed

If the Lord provides, we will bring funds with us for the building project.


Madagascar Lutheran Church

We will also meet with Pastor Joseph to ask about other needs and opportunities . . . there are many needs and opportunities but we are not sure if and how the Lord will ask All of us to participate in His Kingdom Work


Joelson and Clarisse

We will be meeting with Joelson and Clarisse to discuss the chicken coop project...what are they sensing from the Lord . . . how are we to proceed . . . $500 has been given for them and the project . . . how is the Lord wanting that money to be used.


Bring Back Kingdom Vision

We want to carry home the Lord's purpose and vision to those in the United States who are called by God to participate with HIS work in Madagascar. We want to be faithful to reach the Malagasy with everything the Lord wants to convey through you and others. This communication is the most difficult and challenging part for us. Please pray that what the Lord sees and what His heart feels will be faithfully conveyed to each of you that the Lord would use, in any way, here in the US.